Embracing the Strength: Fitstop's Winning Formula in 2023

Embracing the Strength: Fitstop's Winning Formula in 2023

Did you know that strength training topped 2022’s most popular workout list, and it’s heading that way once again in 2023.

At Fitstop, we not only recognize the widespread popular of itstrength training, but it’s within our DNA as we proudly feature strength training throughout our entire methodology, placing us at the forefront of this movement.

tThe Rise of Strength Training

Strength training is a proven exercise form leveraging resistance to enhance muscle strength and endurance. Its benefits are extensive and go beyond physical strength, including improved metabolism, bone density, and overall mental well-being. As of 2023, the demand for strenth has transitioned from an interest reserved for athletes to a now widely accepted fitness practice.

Credited Research: According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), strength training is now acknowledged as a vital part of a well-rounded fitness routine, offering numerous health benefits beyond muscle building. [ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 10th Ed.]

Fitstop's Strength-Driven Approach

At Fitstop, strength has always been at the core of our fitness philosophy. Each Fitstop session balances strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance, with our signature Lift session really emphasising this strength approach - and the demand for this session is unparalleled. In fact, our Lift sessions are our most popular session type across all ages and genders, proving strength training is not a trend; it’s the consistently preferred choice.

At Fitstop, we know the importance of session delivery when it comes to strength training, and that’s why we ensure:

Expert Guidance: Our certified trainers are skilled in the nuances of strength training, meaning they can deliver on progressions and regressions, ensuring safe and effective movements tailored to each member to achieve sustainable results.

Diverse Movements: Each Fitstop session features an array of strength-focused movements, allowing members to learn new skills and perform strength movements correctly. The best part is these movements are consistently featured and measured throughout members’ journeys.

Community Support: The Fitstop community fosters encouragement and camaraderie, which ultimately means a collaborative environment where members support each other, like spotting them throughout key movements and holding each other accountable to Fitstop’s product standards.

Credited Research: According to the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, structured strength training sessions like Lift can lead to significant improvements in muscular strength and overall fitness. [International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Vol. 15, No. 6]

Fitstop: A Franchise Model Where Strength Training is Here to Stay

Fitstop has made a name for itself as a leading performance-based group fitness model, and our leadership in strength training sets us apart:

Market Demand: The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) reports a consistent rise in the popularity of strength training over recent years, making Fitstop’s strength-focused model perfectly aligned with the market demand.

Competitive Edge: Fitstop's dedication to strength training positions us as an industry leader, setting us apart from competitors in the fitness landscape. At Fitstop, you’ll master the key lifts, progress your fitness all whilst being encouraged to move more to live more and life, stemming from a well-rounded fitness routine.

Membership engagement: Strength training isn’t just a phase; it’s a lifestyle. The benefit of a performance-based, strength-training model in Fitstop is that there’s always room for progression. No matter the stage of your Fitstop journey, there’s more you can lift, there’s a movement you can master or an endurance-based session time you can improve on - and the community that’s built from this is truly something incredible.

Go From Strength to Strength with Fitstop

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